Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Selamat Datang Wahai Ramadhan

Selamat datang wahai Ramadhan

Karya Gus Wahid

Akan tiba sbentar lagi
Bulan suci yang di nanti
Mari kita bergembira
Menyambut kedatangannya

Setahun dia telah pergi
Kini saatnya kembali
Dia datang untuk kita
Dengan segala janjinya
Berpuasa di siang hari
Tinggalkan yang tak brarti
Jaga mulut jaga mata

Hindari segalah dosa
Sholat malam jelang pagi
Baca Qur'an setiap hari
Brsedekah hal utama

Sempurnakan puasa kita
Ya Allah kuatkan kami
Menjalankan Ramadhan ini
Hingga idul fitri tiba
Dengan segala ampunannya

Puisi Rindu Rasulallah

Puisi Rindu Rasulallah
Rindu Rasulallah
Karya Widya

Ya Rasulallah....
Betapa rindu hati ini tuk bertemu dengan mu
Betapa kami ingin melihat senyum mu
Tapi apa yang bisa kami banggakan 

Belum pantas kami mengaku mengaku
menjadi pecintamu diri yang penuh dosa
Hati ini penuh nista

Akan kah engkau anggap kami sebagai umatmu, 
akan kah engkau sambut tangan ini dengan hati yang penuh cinta
Akan kah kau lihat mata ini dengan penuh kasih sayang
Akan kah engkau tersenyum pada kami 
dengan kebanggaannya
Ya Rasulallah kami rindu padamu

Tuesday, May 2, 2017



apa yang kau tau tentang cinta?
Sebuah kata sederhana berarti besar
Apa yang kamu tahu tentang cinta,wahai kaum muda?
Sebuah ketulusan dan kesucian

jika cinta adalah kesucian
junjunglah harga dirimu Nak!
Bukan engkau rusak dengan nafsu sesaat
bukan engkau rusak dengan cinta butamu.

Ya buta!
Kamu sadar anda buta nak,
Anda buta dengan lingkunganmu dengan sosialmu
Bahkan dengan agama dan tuhanMu

Jika cinta adalah ketulusan
Berapa hartamu yang telah kau berikan
Aku harap mencintai apa adanya
Bukan dengan alasan atau ada apanya

Selalu bergetar dalam jiwa ketika bertemu
Tertawa sendiri mengingatnya
Malu-malu seperti anak-anak

Tapi itu cinta pada zamanku
Zaman sekarang status diumbar
Tidak malu membuka aurat
Berpegang tangan dijalan,Ya Tuhan...

Jika kamu cinta dengan dia
Ajak dia menjadi milikmu dan pendampingmu
Dihadapan orang dan menjadi sahmu
Aku akan bangga denganmu nak.

1 pesanku JAGALAH DIA NAK.



Jika dunia kami yang dulu kosong
tak pernah kau isi
Mungkin hanya ada warna hampa, gelap
tak bisa apa-apa, tak bisa kemana-mana 

Tapi kini dunia kami penuh warna
Dengan goresan garis-garis, juga kata
Yang dulu hanya jadi mimpi
Kini mulai terlihat bukan lagi mimpi

Itu karena kau yang mengajarkan
Tentang mana warna yang indah
Tentang garis yang harus dilukis
Juga tentang kata yang harus dibaca

Terimakasih guruku dari hatiku
Untuk semua pejuang pendidikan
Dengan pendidikanlah kita bisa memperbaiki bangsa
Dengan pendidikanlah nasib kita bisa dirubah

Apa yang tak mungkin kau jadikan mungkin
Hanya ucapan terakhir dari mulutku
Di hari pendidikan nasional ini
Gempitakanlah selalu jiwamu
wahai pejuang pendidikan Indonesia



Renyuh hati ini..
Ketika kulihat kerutan diwajahmu..
Menatap halus,tertawa kecil
Mengajarkan arti kesabaran

Bagaikan matahari menerangi surya
Yang tiada pernah berhenti
Ibu..bapak guruku
Jasamu sungguh berarti dalam hidupku

Kau mengajarku,kau membimbingku
Disaat aku buta dengan dunia
Disaat mulutku terbungkam dengan mimpi
Takkan ada yang menggantikanmu,Guru

Mimpi yang dulu hanyalah mimpi
Kini perlahan menjadi nyata
Telingaku kini tidak pekak lagi
Mataku sudah terbuka lebar

Tapi,pernahkah aku membanggakanmu guru?
Aku sadar aku hanya membuat susah dirimu saja
Namun sungguh dari hati kecilku
Aku sungguh berterimakasih padamu wahai guruku

Bagiku jasamu tak pernah mengenal pamrih
Bekerja keras mendidikku
Tanpa kekerasan dan egoismu
Tapi dengan cinta lembutmu.

The Tale of the Deer and Teeth Tiger

The Tale of the Deer and Teeth Tiger

On a sunny Sunday morning, the mouse deer is running around in the morning.
School holidays he used to visit the meadows on the edge of the forest. Fresh air and clear skies are fun to enjoy, rarely able to see the wide blue sky in the middle of the dense forest of his village.
This time the mouse deer went alone, because when he departed the ranggo and buny are still fast asleep.

The sun was getting high perched on the horizon.
Sign for the mouse deer to go home immediately.
The kancilpun jogged and went into the forest. Once he stopped to eat the young leaves he passed.

Suddenly he was shocked by a very loud and creepy grunt.
Until his whole body trembled in him.
And at the sight of a big, gallant tiger had a grin at his side.
Feelings of shock and fear include the heart of the deer.
He knows ... That the body with a striped pattern, long nails, and sharp fangs in the front is king Loreng.
He is the king of the ruler of all the forests that are known to be despotic and cruel, and likes to act arbitrarily.
Kancil aware that his life is in danger, but not the deer if he runs out of sense.

So the kancilpun did not try to run.
He kept walking casually by pretending to walk limply lifting one of his hind legs.

"Woi little creature .. !! Do not you know me?" Shouted the tiger.

"Servant know you kesuka.Centunya with gallant body, fingernails, fangs, and a patterned body, no one does not recognize royal .. Raja Loreng" .Master answer humbled.

"Then you know your life is in danger, why do not you try to run?" Ask the curious tiger.

"As fast and fast as any servant ran, I know I will not be able to beat the speed and agility.
And ahirnya servant must be caught as well .. What's more with the state of this limp servant's leg .. "Kancil word.

"Hahahaha..Really..Really..You can not beat my speed.
But .. It's cool if we do not play chase first, I want you to run .. And then I will chase you .. Kalo just like this, there is no challenge at all .. ".Pinta tiger.

"If it is my desire, I will obey.
But before .. If I may ask for one request .. ". Kancil word.

"Oh .. yes .. yes .. Please .. I will not refuse the request of animals like you who will soon die to be my breakfast.
What do you ask for ..? "Ask the tiger.

"Servant just ask for help .. Please paduka pull the thorn that stuck in the hind legs of the servant, so that I can run normally .." Pinta the mouse deer.

"Hahaha..That's it? All right..I will remove the thorn from your feet".

The tiger then lowered his head behind the mouse deer, to see the thorn sticking in his hind legs. Story presented by
But when the tiger was down very low, suddenly the deer kicked with all his might.
Because of the incident, the tiger cried out in pain because one tooth was broken.
And the hare does not waste that opportunity.
When the tiger roared in pain, as quick as lightning deer ran and disappeared behind the bushes.

Well .. Starting the day that feud between the mouse deer and tiger began ..
Tigers who feel the pride of being trampled by deer, hold a grudge that continues to hold.
Waiting for the right time to reply to deer deer .. In another story and time .. :)


Short Stories Rabbit And Turtle

Short Stories Rabbit And Turtle 

In a dense forest, there is a famous rabbit capable of running very fast. He is dubbed the fastest runner in the forest, even all the animals also admit it. But unfortunately, the fame that the rabbit has makes him become arrogant and big head. He always boasted his ability in front of each animal he passed. He always runs fast, so blowing dust around it and making the animals that come to be coughing.
One day, there was a group of animals in conversation. They joked and shared stories about the funny stories they had ever experienced. The animals are turtles, snails, and also snails. But when the middle of cool joking, suddenly the rabbit came and ran quickly. The flying dust of course made the three friends cough.

"Hi rabbit .. we know you can run fast, but if you can appreciate also friends around you?". The turtle shouted out of annoyance. Hearing the words of a turtle, the rabbit stopped and approached them. "Huh why? Why should I listen to the words of the slow animal community like you? It must be because you can not run fast, and can only creep slowly, hahahaha ..". The word rabbit even mocked. Hearing the rabbit's taunt, the tortoise became furious. He does not accept him and his friends in such harassment. Do not be arrogant you rabbit .. If you dare, let's race run. I'm sure I can beat you ... "Challenging the tortoise Hearing the challenge, the rabbit burst out laughing with disdain." You? Defeat me? Hahahaha .. You are not asleep yet, but already delirious. Stupid tortoise .. okay, in order to keep my good name because of your goodness, I will give you a lesson about the meaning of winning and speed. "Answer the rabbit. Finally, they decided to race, the snail forced as a judge at the starting line, The snail is at the finish line to watch who gets there first, and the race runs in. The rabbit easily, the race in front of the slowly crawling tortoise makes the rabbit laugh even more, but the turtle strives And never to give in. He stays with all his strength for his pride and his friends. Seeing the tenacity of the tortoise, there is a nosy intent in the heart of a rabbit.Actually, less a few steps away the rabbit has reached the finish line.But he wants to taunt the tortoise- The turtle is more than that, so he decides to rest under a tree near the finish line, and when the turtle is a few steps away from the finish line he will quickly precede him. Just that it would make the turtle despair and he could mock it at will. In the distance, the tortoise is still trying hard to run. His sweat poured in, but he did not care. What else when from a distance he saw the resting rabbit under this tree mock him, make the turtle more excited and keep trying. Meanwhile, the rabbit waiting for the turtles under the trees to be very bored. Because the turtle's steps are slow enough, it takes a long time for the tortoise to reach the finish line. "Ah .. so sleepy .. better I slept for a while to wait for the turtle to arrive here. , It took a long time to pursue me ". The word rabbit then fell asleep. But the air under the tree is quite cool plus the gentle breeze is quite fresh, for the rabbit slept quite soundly. In fact he did not realize when the turtle walked past him. When he woke up, it was too late. The tortoise is on its final step right at the finish line so the rabbit can not precede it. Ahirnya, the arrogant rabbit was defeated by the tortoise.


Tales of the Kancil So King of the Forest

Tales of the Kancil So King of the Forest 

One day, when the deer are cool drink in a river .. the deer heard the cries of fear. The deer and then find out where the noise was. And how surprised he, after he saw a huge lion preparing to devour a mouse very poor helpless. Although the deer in the cover overwhelming feelings of fear, but his conscience prompted him to help the rats are madly problem. Finally, the kancilpun ventured to approach them. With bluff sometimes, he tried to approach towards the lion and the mouse.

With the trend seems to not know what's going on, the deer greeted them "Well .. playing what you / seem exciting. What can I participate? ". Ask the deer. Seeing the arrival of deer that suddenly, a lion and the rat was terrified. "Well .. then again a loser. It so happens that I'm hungry. How dare you come alone looking wretched. " Said the lion. With ostentatious bravado, the deer responded "gak .. why be afraid? Indeed, what should I fear? I'm used against the danger? All I can beat. Start of crocodiles, tigers, even by humans has also been defeated. I'm the king of this jungle, you're a newcomer to go out? ". Said the deer. The lion was surprised to hear the answer to the deer. I feel anxious for the truth in his heart the words of the deer. "Is that true?" Asked the lion.

 "If you do not believe, you can ask one of her advisers counsel me .. trust me." Replied the deer again. "Where? Where can I ask for your adviser's ". Lion more curious. "Well .. you do not know or pretend it does not pretend to know? You grasp it, he advocates the belief. If it's what's up, what's with him, then I will not be forgiving those who harm ". Replied the deer with a look of sometimes fierce. The lion began in covered doubts, he started affect the deer story. What else does the lion including new residents in the woods. So she does not know the truth about everything that is in the forest. "What this really says little animals? What he does is your king? And what a story it's all right? ". Ask a lion to mice.
Recognizing that the deer only intend to help them, the mouse could understand and begin to follow the tactics of the deer. "Yeah .. right .. he is the king of the jungle. He once beat many larger animals than you, even wear .. he was known and respected in this forest. If you do not believe, you can be asked on other animals that are in this forest. " said the Mouse. Hear the rats, liver lion in cover a little fear. He began to doubt .. but think his prestige as a lion mighty and invincible keep trying to courage. "He .. .. I do not believe that everything you say is true, where is the proof?". Ask a lion on a deer. But the wily deer, this time its position as the deer become king of the jungle has to look credible. Then he tried to remain calm in the face of the lion.

"You want to ask for proof? A few days ago, akau also takes a lion like you because she was rude in this forest. I still keep his head in a hole in the side of the river as a warning to other animals that do not mess with the king of the deer woods. If you want proof, you could come with me. But once it gets there you do not regret it, because all will know the secret of my meal .. ". Said the deer. But even though the cover has begun to fear, pride is the lion forced him to go ahead. "Well .. I am not afraid. But if it turns out you fool me, you two would be my breakfast. " Said the lion. Heard snarling lion, the mouse becomes a little worry. But deer winked at him sign that the mice want to believe in all plans.

Finally, mouse, rat, and the lion walked to the edge of the river in the forest. They toward a hole in the side of the river, the hole was quite deep and dark. Only the reflection of the sunlight that makes the water very clear in that hole like a shiny mirror. "Well .. now you have to see for yourself .. lion into the hole. In the pit yesterday I keep a lion's head which I eat. It was so delicious, and I'm not going to waste the opportunity if there is another lion that I could eat again. Said the deer. With feelings began to doubt and fear, the lion was the courage to look into the hole. His fear made him dare to see clearly. he was just trying to peek at any time. But how shocked he was when he saw it in the hole really is a lion's head. Without waiting for the cue, the lion immediately ran away in fear. Because he did not want to be eaten by the deer like a lion that is in the hole.

Seeing this, the deer and mice could only laugh. They are happy because they were able to trick to trick the lion's quite proud of it. Actually, in the pit there was nothing like enough water so mampuberfungsi transparent as glass. Because the lion is spying, he did not realize that the head of a lion that is in the hole is his fantasy self reflection. And once again, the deer who cleverly managed to save the theme. Although he had to pretend to be king of the jungle, it can be the deer is a real king of the jungle. Not because of their efforts, but because of its ingenuity and like helping others.