Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Short Stories Rabbit And Turtle

Short Stories Rabbit And Turtle 

In a dense forest, there is a famous rabbit capable of running very fast. He is dubbed the fastest runner in the forest, even all the animals also admit it. But unfortunately, the fame that the rabbit has makes him become arrogant and big head. He always boasted his ability in front of each animal he passed. He always runs fast, so blowing dust around it and making the animals that come to be coughing.
One day, there was a group of animals in conversation. They joked and shared stories about the funny stories they had ever experienced. The animals are turtles, snails, and also snails. But when the middle of cool joking, suddenly the rabbit came and ran quickly. The flying dust of course made the three friends cough.

"Hi rabbit .. we know you can run fast, but if you can appreciate also friends around you?". The turtle shouted out of annoyance. Hearing the words of a turtle, the rabbit stopped and approached them. "Huh why? Why should I listen to the words of the slow animal community like you? It must be because you can not run fast, and can only creep slowly, hahahaha ..". The word rabbit even mocked. Hearing the rabbit's taunt, the tortoise became furious. He does not accept him and his friends in such harassment. Do not be arrogant you rabbit .. If you dare, let's race run. I'm sure I can beat you ... "Challenging the tortoise Hearing the challenge, the rabbit burst out laughing with disdain." You? Defeat me? Hahahaha .. You are not asleep yet, but already delirious. Stupid tortoise .. okay, in order to keep my good name because of your goodness, I will give you a lesson about the meaning of winning and speed. "Answer the rabbit. Finally, they decided to race, the snail forced as a judge at the starting line, The snail is at the finish line to watch who gets there first, and the race runs in. The rabbit easily, the race in front of the slowly crawling tortoise makes the rabbit laugh even more, but the turtle strives And never to give in. He stays with all his strength for his pride and his friends. Seeing the tenacity of the tortoise, there is a nosy intent in the heart of a rabbit.Actually, less a few steps away the rabbit has reached the finish line.But he wants to taunt the tortoise- The turtle is more than that, so he decides to rest under a tree near the finish line, and when the turtle is a few steps away from the finish line he will quickly precede him. Just that it would make the turtle despair and he could mock it at will. In the distance, the tortoise is still trying hard to run. His sweat poured in, but he did not care. What else when from a distance he saw the resting rabbit under this tree mock him, make the turtle more excited and keep trying. Meanwhile, the rabbit waiting for the turtles under the trees to be very bored. Because the turtle's steps are slow enough, it takes a long time for the tortoise to reach the finish line. "Ah .. so sleepy .. better I slept for a while to wait for the turtle to arrive here. , It took a long time to pursue me ". The word rabbit then fell asleep. But the air under the tree is quite cool plus the gentle breeze is quite fresh, for the rabbit slept quite soundly. In fact he did not realize when the turtle walked past him. When he woke up, it was too late. The tortoise is on its final step right at the finish line so the rabbit can not precede it. Ahirnya, the arrogant rabbit was defeated by the tortoise.

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