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The Tale of the Deer and Teeth Tiger

The Tale of the Deer and Teeth Tiger

On a sunny Sunday morning, the mouse deer is running around in the morning.
School holidays he used to visit the meadows on the edge of the forest. Fresh air and clear skies are fun to enjoy, rarely able to see the wide blue sky in the middle of the dense forest of his village.
This time the mouse deer went alone, because when he departed the ranggo and buny are still fast asleep.

The sun was getting high perched on the horizon.
Sign for the mouse deer to go home immediately.
The kancilpun jogged and went into the forest. Once he stopped to eat the young leaves he passed.

Suddenly he was shocked by a very loud and creepy grunt.
Until his whole body trembled in him.
And at the sight of a big, gallant tiger had a grin at his side.
Feelings of shock and fear include the heart of the deer.
He knows ... That the body with a striped pattern, long nails, and sharp fangs in the front is king Loreng.
He is the king of the ruler of all the forests that are known to be despotic and cruel, and likes to act arbitrarily.
Kancil aware that his life is in danger, but not the deer if he runs out of sense.

So the kancilpun did not try to run.
He kept walking casually by pretending to walk limply lifting one of his hind legs.

"Woi little creature .. !! Do not you know me?" Shouted the tiger.

"Servant know you kesuka.Centunya with gallant body, fingernails, fangs, and a patterned body, no one does not recognize royal .. Raja Loreng" .Master answer humbled.

"Then you know your life is in danger, why do not you try to run?" Ask the curious tiger.

"As fast and fast as any servant ran, I know I will not be able to beat the speed and agility.
And ahirnya servant must be caught as well .. What's more with the state of this limp servant's leg .. "Kancil word.

"Hahahaha..Really..Really..You can not beat my speed.
But .. It's cool if we do not play chase first, I want you to run .. And then I will chase you .. Kalo just like this, there is no challenge at all .. ".Pinta tiger.

"If it is my desire, I will obey.
But before .. If I may ask for one request .. ". Kancil word.

"Oh .. yes .. yes .. Please .. I will not refuse the request of animals like you who will soon die to be my breakfast.
What do you ask for ..? "Ask the tiger.

"Servant just ask for help .. Please paduka pull the thorn that stuck in the hind legs of the servant, so that I can run normally .." Pinta the mouse deer.

"Hahaha..That's it? All right..I will remove the thorn from your feet".

The tiger then lowered his head behind the mouse deer, to see the thorn sticking in his hind legs. Story presented by dongengterbaru.blogspot.com
But when the tiger was down very low, suddenly the deer kicked with all his might.
Because of the incident, the tiger cried out in pain because one tooth was broken.
And the hare does not waste that opportunity.
When the tiger roared in pain, as quick as lightning deer ran and disappeared behind the bushes.

Well .. Starting the day that feud between the mouse deer and tiger began ..
Tigers who feel the pride of being trampled by deer, hold a grudge that continues to hold.
Waiting for the right time to reply to deer deer .. In another story and time .. :)

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