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Legenda Tangkuban Perahu - Bahasa Inggris

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Legenda Tangkuban Perahu Dalam Bahasa InggrisThis story begins with a god and a goddess who because of a mistake he made in heaven, finally had to undergo punishment in the world. Both are punished for doing good in their life on earth in the form of a boar and a dog. The goddess's wild boar is called Wayung Hyang, while the god-transforming dog is named Tumang. Wayung Hyang because he was punished as a boar or boar, so he tried to do various goodness in a forest. While Tumang, the god incarnate dogs serve as a hunting dog on a king named Sangking Perbangkara.
One day, the king of Cleavage Perbangkara hunted into the forest on the edge of the kingdom. Somewhere close to where the wild boar live Wayung Hyang, Cleavers Perbangkara want to urinate. He then urinated and accidentally, accommodated in a coconut shell. After a while, wild boar Wayung Hyang who is thirsty and then drink urine Cleft Perbangkara. Who would have thought, Wayung Hyang finally pregnant.

Cleft of Perbangkara which basically likes to hunt back to the forest after spelled out months, just as Wayung Hyang gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl. Cleft of hunting Kangkang Perbangkara heard the cry of a baby. Accompanied by Tumang's hunting dog, he finally finds a baby girl who is none other than his own son. Lured by the beauty of the baby's chest, Cleft Perbangkara took him home and raised him as a child. The baby girl was later named Dayang Sumbi.

Dayang Sumbi then matures and grows into a beautiful princess. Beauty spread to all corners of the kingdom until the kings and princes were heard. Dayang Sumbi is contested. Great war happened everywhere. Feeling uncomfortable with the wars that happened everywhere for fighting over him, Dayang Sumbi ends asking his father the king of Cleft Perbangkara to be alone and go from the kingdom. Cleft Perbangkara finally allowed him and gave Tumang the hunting dog to accompany him. Dayang Sumbi lives in a hut on the edge of the forest. With his humble life no one knows that he is Dayang Sumbi which is contested by many kings and princes. In the hut he filled his activities with weaving.

One day, while weaving cloth, Dayang Sumbi sat on a bale-bale. Drowsy, his loom called a piston fell to the floor. Dayang Sumbi felt lazy to pick up the piston, so he swore that he would marry anyone who took the piston for him. Tumang, the dog assigned to accompany Dayang Sumbi finally picked up the fallen piston and handed it to Dayang Sumbi. In order to fulfill the oath that he already uttered, Dayang Sumbi end of marriage with Tumang.
King of Cleavage Perbangkara who knew it finally felt very embarrassed. Her beautiful daughter is married to a dog and is now pregnant. Dayang Sumbi was eventually exiled to the forest together with Tumang. No one knows that Tumang is the incarnation of a god, except Dayang Sumbi. Every full moon night, Tumang can transform into a handsome man.

Dayang Sumbi pregnant finally gave birth to a handsome son. The skin is white with dense jet-like hair. Dayang Sumbi gave him the name of Sangkuriang. The baby then grows into an agile child.

Sangkuriang has started mastering archery, one day asked his mother to hunt. Dayang Sumbi wants to eat the deer's heart. Accompanied by Tumang, Sangkuriang hunting in the forest. Somewhere, Sangkuriang saw the wooden pig of Wayung Hyang pass by. He immediately aimed his arrow. However, Wayung Hyang ran and hide nimbly. Sangkuriang orders his hunting dog, Tumang to chase the boar. Tumang who knows if the boar is not just any wild boar but a goddess incarnation called Wayung Hyang, refusing Sangkuriang command. Tumang, the god-goddess was just sitting still looking at Sangkuriang.

Sangkuriang is very angry with Tumang. He frightened Tumang by pointing arrows at Tumang. But, unintentionally, he releases the arrow in his bow. The arrow shot and pierced into Tumang's body. The god incarnate dog was killed. Sangkuriang that fears mixed with despair finally took the heart Tumang. The heart then brought it home and handed it to the lady Sumbi by saying that it is the heart of the deer his hunt.

Dayang Sumbi happily cooks the heart, they eat it with gusto. After the meal, Dayang Sumbi remembered Tumang. He asked Sangkuriang where the dog Tumang. Sangkuriang who finally can not dwell honestly admit that Tumang has been killed by his arrow and his heart has been handed over to his mother to be cooked.

Dayang Sumbi is very angry. Sangkuriang has killed his own father. He then picked up a rice bowl and hit Sangkuriang's head until he was very badly injured. However, the wound in Sangkuriang's heart is more severe. He finally ran away from their hut.

Legenda Tangkuban Perahu Dalam Bahasa InggrisRealizing that he had hurt his own son and made him run, Dayang Sumbi finally felt very sorry. Sangkuriang is his only son who has accompanied him to live in the forest with Tumang. In order to calm his feelings, Dayang Sumbi finally meditate. In the hermitage, Dayang Sumbi then granted a long and youthful life. All her life, she will remain a beautiful woman and will never look old.
Meanwhile, Sangkuriang who fled with wounded head wanders everywhere. He studied with some powerful people. He entered the forest out of the forest. When Sangkuriang had become a powerful and mighty young man, he defeated all the ghostly beings or guriang he encountered in wandering. He conquered them and with his supernatural powers of the guriangs.

At one time, in his wandering Sangkuriang finally meet with Dayang Sumbi. Sangkuriang very fascinated with Dayang Sumbi beauty, then finally fell in love. Sangkuriang feelings reciprocated. Dayang Sumbi is also captivated by the beauty of Sangkuriang. Finally, Sangkuriang intends to marry Dayang Sumbi.

When Dayang Sumbi combs his hair and tidies Sangkuriang's headband, he sees a huge scar. After observing Sangkuriang's face, then he realized that he would marry his own child. Sangkuriang himself did not think that Dayang Sumbi is his birth mother.

Dayang Sumbi finally tried to explain the fact that Sangkuriang is his son. But Sangkuriang has lost his mind. Sangkuriang still force. Finally Dayang Sumbi subtly avoids their marriage. He asked Sangkuriang to make him a lake complete with his boat overnight. For Dayang Sumbi, this is an impossible thing to do by Sangkuriang. His biological child will not be able to meet the requirements of his request. Unexpectedly Dayang Sumbi, Sangkuriang undertakes his request.

That night, Sangkuriang worked hard to make a lake. Sangkurang cutting down the tree, his logged-over tree turned into a hill now known as Mount Bukit Tunggul, while leaves, twigs and other unused wooden parts stacked and formed Mount Burangrang. He has worked half the night. Furthermore, after the boat was completed, Sangkuriang started making the lake. Sangkuriang, like boat workmanship, exerts guriang spirits to help. Seeing this situation, Dayang Sumbi became frightened. Finally he spread his woven fabrics in the east. He appealed to Sang Hyang Tunggal for Sangkuriang's attempt to be thwarted. His prayer was granted. Dayang Sumbi woven fabrics glow reddish on the eastern horizon. The roosters then crowed. Then, the guriang spirits that help the work of Sangkuriang make the lake think the day will soon be morning. They soon ran and hid into the ground. Sangkuriang lives alone with the work of making the lake is almost complete. Sangkuriang feels his business has failed. He became very angry.

Sangkuriang went berserk. The stoppers he made to stem the Citarum River dumped eastward and became Manglayang Mountain. Lake Talaga Bandung which he made then subsided. Then with a hard kick, his boat was thrown away and lay facedown. In an instant transformed into Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Sangkuriang pursues the fleeing Dayang Sumbi. When Dayang Sumbi is almost overtaken by Sangkuriang in Gunung Putri, Dayang Sumbi begs Sang Hyang Tunggal's help. He eventually transformed into a jaksi flower. Sangkuriang continue looking for Dayang Sumbi to reach Ujung Berung and lost to the unseen world.

The Legend of Sangkurian and the Origin of Mount Tangkuban Perahu comes from West Java (Sunda) and has long been a story passed down from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation as a child's bedtime story. This story has been filmed in several versions.
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