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The absolute desire Ridiculous

The Absolute Desire Ridiculous
Cerita : Catatan Seorang Pejalan
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Author : Ratu Marfuah
Form    : Indonesia

A dozen years ago, I had a very silly wish. As a green lover, is not it natural that I want to always see green everywhere? The desire is about green, that is, I want to go to Green Mosque or mosque which is dominated by green color. The times have passed, I have met various mosques. But as it turns out, I have not found the mosque the way I want it. Maybe in this world, there is no mosque like that. Eventually the desire began to be forgotten and buried.

Early last Saturday in August, a new newspaper was lying on the table. I opened it and read it. The first thing I read was his headline. If the headline is interesting, then I will continue reading the contents. But if the headline is less interesting, then I will not read the contents.

On the first page of the local paper, the headline read: The old mosque that can not be torn down. I also decided to read out the news content. After reading it, the heart said, "Later there ya, De, ride prayer." Why, why do hearts say like that? Is it because I want to see the look of the old mosque? A mosque that can not be torn down and who witnessed the history of the spread of Islam in the area of ​​Cilegon? I have no idea. What is clear is my heart wants to come to him.

From the paper, the mosque is located in Citangkil sub-district, in a village whose name sounds familiar to the ears and I have never visited before. Initially wanted to ask a friend who lived in the area, but after recalling, it turns out I have no friends who live there. Should I walk every street to find his mosque? Citangkil Sub-district. it's pretty wide and it certainly is not easy to find it. Where to start the trafficking from? Is not it like looking for a needle in a haystack? Questions are popping up in my head and have not yet experienced matchmaking with answers. But the heart is still willing to go there and also believes that one day will be paired with the mosque. This is an unreasonable conviction from which. An unlikely belief. I began to doubt the conscience.

Post-Idul Fitri, the confidence of meeting with the mosque is getting stronger. But unfortunately, I have not found the location yet. It seems that desire is impossible. I began to resign. If indeed I have a match with the mosque, then I will definitely find it in an unexpected meeting. But if the meeting did not happen, it seemed the best thing.

Sunday, August 26, 2012, I have three agenda: reunion with college friends, visit his friend's mother, and make a pilgrimage to Banten. At first I chose to make a pilgrimage to Banten, but instead I was destined to visit his friend's mother.

That morning I walked down Anyer road to get to Cigading. Sunday's status makes the solid Anyer path creeping, even stuck. In order to reduce boredom, my eyes explored every street segment. As the midst of exploring, this eye captures the pampering beauty. Up ahead, from a distance of a few meters, stands up the dome of the mosque that is bright green. Just seeing him alone has been able to thrill my heart and make me fall in love. What is it?

When angkot pass right in front of the mosque, read the name of Al-Khadra Mosque. Reading his name made the heart say, "That's the mosque De looking for!" Al-Khadra? As I recall his name was Al-Kubro. Debate with the heart also occurs, but not always result in a decision. Heart. still think if that is the old mosque that I want to go, while I remember his name is Al-Kubro Mosque.

Al-Khadra Mosque. It turned out that the name was disturbing the peace of self. While traveling away, when I visited, on my way home, and even when I got home, the name still made me curious. Then I sent an SMS to a friend who mastered Arabic to ask for the meaning. A few minutes later, the SMS reply came, "Al-Khadra is green." The body vibrates to read it.

Then I browsing with the keyword 'Masjid Al-Khadra Cilegon'. Seconds later, dozens of articles appeared. One of them came from a local newspaper website that I read at the time. After reading the article, the vibration is getting better. Subhanallah ... it turns out Al-Khadra Mosque is an old mosque that can not be torn down. The mosque that makes the heart desire to come to him. And suddenly, remembered the desire a few years ago, the desire to go to the Green Mosque. That desire finally comes true and will come true after a long wait and almost surrendered. Really this is a beautiful coincidence. No, this is a sweet marriage and fate. Fate unexpected, and the fate that occurred in the moment I started no longer wish about his matchmaking. That night, it was decided that next week I would go to his mosque.

Sunday, September 2, 2012, at 13:00, I finally arrived at Al-Khadra Mosque, after traveling more than one and a half hours. Actual distance can be taken for thirty minutes in normal circumstances, to be tripled because of the dense vehicle. No why, does not it all need a struggle? When arrived in front of Al-Khadra Mosque, gratitude was hardened, including tears of emotion. Desire a few years ago and prayer in Ramadan was finally answered. It turned out that destiny had outlined her meeting after going through several middlemen and after a long wait. And in fact, the words of the heart proved true. Another time, never again ignore it.

In fact, the Al-Khadra Mosque is very simple. There is no luxury as seen in the Great Mosque of Nurul Ikhlas Cilegon. The building is not very wide, maybe only able to accommodate three hundred pilgrims only. No marble floors, only tiles laid out. There were no sturdy iron doors, only old wooden doors. There is no high and sturdy gate, just an ordinary wall fence. Very simple, even old age. But in fact, its simplicity captivates the heart.

After observing, I went to the side of the mosque for ablution. The water is cool and refreshing, but behind the mosque is filled with factories and the weather is very hot. Prayer of zuhr and rawatibnya fulfilled in the mosque, then berzikir, and mengaji. Actually I want to be there until the afternoon, but it turns out that a fairly old existence was the concern of (maybe) the mosque administrator. Moreover I am reviewing through the application on the phone. At 14.30, I left the mosque and resumed my journey.

That day, many things were plucked from a long journey alone. A journey that involves not only material, but also spiritual. The journey is not only followed ego, but also the heart. The journey that made me understand more about life and life. A mature journey, and hopefully mature me, who sometimes still like a child. And it turns out, as far and as long as anything goes the journey, we will eventually return to the starting point, to the place of origin. The life of this world is in fact just a journey. No matter how old we are, we will eventually die.

Chocolate Room, September 8, 2012
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