Sunday, April 15, 2018 - A Promising Cross Trading Platform with A Touch of AI

Cryptocurrency trading is not a strange thing anymore in this era. Despite of the volatility of the market, people see cryptocurrency trading as something lucrative. As a result, they are not afraid to move to this territory. Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency trading, the public needs a better platform than what already exists now. aspires to provide that. With Artificial Intelligence, will provide a versatile platform that can cater everything the people need about crypto trading.
What Is is a cross trading platform for cryptocurrency. It might not be the first cross trading platform dedicated for digital coins, but it has plenty of features that make it different with its predecessors. The main selling point of is Artificial Intelligence. Augmented by AI, this platform makes cryptocurrency trading more convenient and chance to make profit increase significantly. Artificial Intelligence is able to gather information about the current hype in the cryptocurrency world more accurately. As a result, traders are able to make better decisions that will increase their chance of gaining profit. is also a social trading platform. It means, users can connect with other traders, get the latest info about their preferred cryptocurrency and even copy trading strategies of professional traders in this platform. With the addition of asset management feature, is a one stop platform for all crypto trading needs.
Vision and Mission has a vision to make cryptocurrency trading more convenient for everyone. To turn that vision into reality, the developer team creates a platform that can support every activity related to crypto trading. Crypto traders usually have multiple wallets since they have to manage different cryptocurrencies. Since there is no wallet that can be used to store all types of cryptocurrency under the sun, offers an easy platform to manage all those wallets in one place. With the convenience this platform provides, traders can focus on maximizing their performance in the cryptocurrency market.
· Cross Trading Platform is an excellent cross trading platform. There are plenty of exchanges available in this platform. Traders can open and close orders from various exchanges only by using one single platform, which means traders have more freedom to trade in multiple exchanges more conveniently.
· Artificial Intelligence
AI is a great addition to this crypto trading platform. This technology is able to model user’s behaviors by taking data from the market and social media platform. AI will monitor the news about cryptocurrency from social media. Eventually, traders can use those data to find which cryptocurrency they should focus on.
· Mirror Trading is dubbed as social trading platform for a reason. In addition to trading in general, users also can connect with other traders and even copy their trading strategies. This is a great opportunity for beginner crypto traders to earn profit and learn how professional traders create a bulletproof strategy.
Token Details
This cryptocurrency project will launch a special token that is called BLACK. The token will be used to develop the ecosystem and also for various transactions in this platform.
Token Details
· Token Name: BLACK
· Token Price: USD 0.04
· Token Protocol: ERC-20
· Payment Accepted: USD, ETH
· Fixed Rate : 1 ETH = 20,000 Black = USD 800
Token Sales
· Total Supply : 600,000,000 BLACK
· For Sale : 318,000,000 BLACK
· Hard Cap : 15,900 ETH
· Soft Cap : 1,875 ETH
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