Thursday, April 5, 2018

EtherSpin - global kriptocurrency

EtherSpin is a global kriptocurrency casino for everyone or it can be said this is the first Global Cryptocurrency Gambling Network that receives all cryptocurrency from players.
EtherSpin is created because it wants to solve all the problems faced by traditional casinos by providing a fair open source platform and most importantly EtherSpin platform users can make instantaneous withdrawals without complicated here all done in a transparent way.
By using the blocking power of Ethereal, we will provide players around the world with transparency and fairness.
Properly communicates friction schemes without magnetic process improvement.
Properly communicates friction schemes without magnetic process improvement.
All Cryptocurrencies Accepted
Traditional gambling sites only accept Bitcoin or Ethereum for games. EtherSpin's goal is to connect all casino players on one global gambling platform.
That’s why EtherSpin was created. We are the first to accept and support new, emerging cryptocurrencies on our platform in addition to existing coins. This is the first of its kind. With high cryptocurrency growth, we will see higher market share. EtherSpin is the first in the casino industry to take over every crypto market with no competition.
Think of EtherSpin like a smartphone. Smartphones can run a variety of applications, while old traditional flip-phones could only run a few applications like calling and texting. EtherSpin is bringing all cryptocurrencies into one network.
EtherSpin's Casino Beta is currently live, processing hundreds of bets and ETH. Check it out here:
Token Sale (ICO)
SPIN Token
EtherSpin Token (SPIN) is an ERC-20 compatible token made over the Ethereum network. This token is limited in supply and only made during the ICO phase. After ICO, no more EtherSpin tokens will be created.
Features SPIN Token
EthherSpin token holder has the advantage of:
  • Dividend Payment: 100% of all home profits will go to EtherSpin token holders.
    Receiving dividends from home will be directly proportional to the amount
    user-owned EtherSpin token.
  • Trade: EtherSpin Tokens can be transferred and traded for other crypto via online exchange, or sent to other users.
  • Voting Rights: EtherSpin tokens allow users to select future development plans. This includes future games to develop, or modify existing features of the EtherSpin platform. For example, the user can choose to modify an existing home.
  • The token symbol is SPIN.
  • This token is designed to meet ERC-20 requirements.
  • The token etherSpin has a maximum allocation of 10,000,000 supplies with a soft limit of 1,000,000 tokens.
  • SPIN Tokens are only created and distributed during ICO. No more tokens
  • Public ICO begins on March 24, 2018 at UTC 00:00, and ends on April 23, 2018
Our Team
Meet the incredible team that makes EtherSpin a reality.
Brandon Wallace
Blockchain enthusiast since 2013. Brandon leads the team with an array of development experience.

Elizabeth Beck
Elizabeth has over 7 years of experience in media, marketing, and PR.

Oscar Smith
Oscar has years of experience in web design and mobile application development.

Keith Nyman
Keith has a wide variety of skills, and has worked with major institutions.

Up here explanation from me and for more information please visit EtherSpin Website and Social Media below:
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