Wednesday, April 25, 2018

OFNOG ICO : AI Powered Cryptocurrency Auto Trading Algorithm

ofnog ico


OFNOG Ltd. is an IT organization formed by a team of seasoned IT professionals from fortune 500 organizations like IBM, HP, HPE, AT&T background.
OFNOG is a unique crypto trading solution designed to simplify cryptocurrency trading through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning technology to enable traders to trade more effectively and accurately. The OFNOG concept combines a complete suite of existing, as well as a host of proprietary OFNOG-developed applications, which will aid in laying out profitable cryptocurrency trading strategies for OFNOG platform users.
Artificial Intelligence is one of the most hyped fields of computer science till date. The AI solutions used in mainstream trading accesses and interprets data from a wide range of streams including social networks. OFNOG uses AI to analyze the cryptocurrency market data and trading trends and compares it with the existing scenario to create trading signals which can be used by traders on the platform to place their trades.

OFNOG aims for the platform to provide the highest level of accuracy, and as such has based its operation on AI and Deep Learning algorithms, which are the latest, cutting-edge methods in real-time data scraping, trending trend, and future price forecasting. The OFNOG platform forecasting model will "collect and analyze data from multiple market indicators like Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Bollinger Bands (BB), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MAC/D), Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Ultimate Oscillators", in an effort to provide a clear overview of the market forces at work, which, in turn, will help users come up with their own trading strategies.

OFNOG is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading signals and automation platform that makes use of Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning. The platform will be available on both desktop version as well as a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.


The OFNOG platform will be a combination of existing technologies and proprietary software to support the highest levels of accuracy when it comes to collecting various real-time data points from the cryptocurrency industry and communicate the signals to
users. The platform’s forecasting model will collect and analyze data from multiple market indicators like Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Bollinger Bands (BB), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MAC/D), Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Ultimate Oscillators to offer a complete picture of the market forces, helping the user devise their own trading strategy.

The OFNOG platform is built over Ethereum protocol and powered by native ERC20 compliant OFNOG tokens. The platform will be distributing the OFNOG tokens through a crowdsale where interested traders, crypto enthusiasts and the general public can purchase them.

Token Specification
Token Information
Platform Name: OFNOG
Token Name: OFNOG
Token Symbol: OFNOG
Maximum Allocation: 500,000,000 OFNOG
Blockchain: Ethereum, ERC20
Issuing Company: OFNOG Ltd.

The maximum cap for OFNOG token will be set at 500,000,000, to be distributed across multiple crowdsale stages.

Token Sale
  • Pre ICO launching dates: 15th April to 14th May ‘18 with discount 50%
  • ICO 1 launching dates: 15th May to 31st May ‘18 with discount 35%
  • ICO 2 launching dates: 1st June to 14th June ‘18 with discount 25%
  • ICO 3 launching dates: 15th June to 30th June ‘18 with discount 15%
  • ICO 4 launching dates: 1 st July to 15th July ‘18 with discount 10%

Token Distribution

Out of the total 500,000,000 OFNOG tokens, the platform will be making 50% (250,000,000 OFNOG) of them available to the crowdsale participants. Another 125,000,000 tokens, which makes up 25% of the total tokens will be assigned for bonus and discount campaigns while the rest – 125,000,000 (25%) will be used for bounty promotions and as stakeholder’s share. The founders/stakeholders’ share of tokens will be subject to a 1-year vesting period and a 6-month long cliff. Meaning, the team members can access their portion of the tokens only 6 months after the completion of token sale.

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