Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Convergence of Technology and the Global Marketplace

Change is inevitable. In the past, change could be anticipated and somewhat managed, but with the rapid growth of technology, change occurs at an ever increasing pace. New and exciting opportunities now happen on a regular basis as technology advances more technology. Hardware and software have developed exponentially affecting every aspect of modern life. These developments have not been limited to just improvements in the computers and cell phones that we use everyday, but even dramatic cultural changes have occurred through technology. As the world has become smaller through inter-connectivity, the opportunities for expansion are almost unlimited.

How did we get here you might ask? Let’s take a closer look.

In 1965, INTEL co-founder Gordon Moore made a prediction that integrated circuits, or micro chips, were the future of electronics. In what was to became known as Moore’s Law, he stated that, “every 2 years the number of transistors on a chip would double while the price would be halved”. When transistors were first used they were 2o times more expensive then the vacuum tubes they replaced. However, they had incredible potential as computers would go from occupying entire rooms, to your desktop and now even fit in your pocket.

Unfortunately, this trend of packing more and more transistors on a microchip is beginning to slow down, as we approach the physical limitations of transistor size, already as small as 15 nanometers which is smaller then most viruses. Even though these limitations exist in the current system, new and exciting technologies such as quantum computing, AI (Artificial intelligence), and Neuromorphic computing promise to continue the explosive growth in computing power and capability. Most likely you’ve heard of the others before, but what is Neuromorphic computing? Neuromorphic computers will be composed of a web of highly interconnected microchip cores, integrating memory, computation and communication for the first time. This advancement will replace the current Von Neumann Architecture of separate CPU and memory. Neuromorphic architecture will make the computer more like the human mind in the way it operates.

There are more unexpected advancements just over the horizon that we can only begin to imagine. If we can become forward thinkers we can position ourselves to take advantage of the changes that are sure to come.

While this relentless march of progress was happening to the electronics we commonly use, the applications for these devices grew in many unexpected ways as well. Social media and online shopping are just two examples of how technology has had a tremendous and unexpected GLOBAL cultural impact. We’ve gone from a few neighborhood friends, to having hundreds or even thousands of virtual friends because of Facebook. Gone is the old family photo album of rare photographs to be replaced with the relentless “selfie”, digitally capturing every single moment of our lives thanks to applications like Instagram. Gone is the low quality and expensive international phone call, replaced by instant video messaging on the world wide web. Even something as commonplace as going to the store has gone global with online shopping (e-commerce). Online shopping has created two of the richest men in the world and two powerful e-commerce platforms, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Jack Ma of Alibaba.

Its obvious that people all over the world are now more connected through technology. Even in developing nations, or what is referred to as emerging markets, the trend has only accelerated.

Technology has created a Global marketplace of ideas as well as goods and services. The evolution of money into a virtual currency, cryptocurrency, has brought about the real possibility of a universal currency that is able to actually be used in this global marketplace. Speed and security of transactions, limited or zero fees, infinite divisibilty, and the impossibility of counterfeiting are just some of the reasons for using this new form of money.

So what is the future?

The Convergence of technology and the global marketplace.

Buyers and sellers, wholesalers and retailers, entrepreneurs and shoppers coming together to change the way global e-commerce is done. Keeping what works, improving what doesn’t and innovating the experience itself.

What does this look like? Enter GLODCOIN and its exclusive e-commerce platform CYBMALL.

When you can combine a powerful and innovative e-commerce platform with fast and secure transactions using cryptocurrency, you have created the future of buying and selling.

GLODCOIN and CYBMALL….experience the convergence of technology and the global marketplace.
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